Announcing A New Client!

We’re delighted to announce that we will be working with Dataspin Data Security to enhance their digital presence. Lucdigi will take on the responsibility for managing social media, writing blogs, and optimizing SEO strategy on behalf of Dataspin.

Dataspin provides data protection services for insider and outsider threats to comply with regulatory requirements and prevent costly and damaging data breaches.

The increase in digitization has created new threats to data at a time when protecting and anonymizing it has become more important than ever. Dataspins’s solution combines a high level of security with ease of access to ensure safe, seamless data storage and retrieval services.

Recent research has shown that fewer than 33% of companies have adequate data protection systems in place. Our aim is to highlight the importance of robust data security measures to the reputation and bottom line profits of businesses. We will be posting across a wide range of platforms to help Dataspin Data Security increase exposure to their target market and drive forward with their essential and necessary offering.

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