InspireIT Finds Its Inspiration in Lucdigi

Scaling-up to maximize new opportunities presented by the digital transformation

Lucdigi is joining forces with InspireIT to assist them in scaling up and reaching a wider audience.

Founded in 2003, InspireIT provides database and systems management and data analytics services across Europe, the Middle East, and the CIS region.

Since its inception, InspireIT has been a fundamental part of the digital transformation for clients in multiple locations and different sectors. The company provides consultancy on all aspects of IT from outsourcing options to cloud strategies and database and infrastructure support.

In addition to the initial setup and integration of highly available IT systems, InspireIT also assists its clients with ongoing data management. Data warehouse and business intelligence solutions enable clients for rapid, controlled, and sustainable growth. InspireIT works alongside business leaders to carry out a full audit of decision-making processes and provide digitized, automated tools to enhance the company data available and subsequent actions.Lucdigi will be helping InspireIT to enhance its digital presence using a variety of marketing services including content generation, social media management, SEO audit, and a full suite of ads management.

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