Investment Announcement

The future looks bright for SaaS start-up Retable after they closed their initial investment round with $1m. The investment will be used to fund further research and development as the company looks to build on its success so far and continue to grow.

Retable provides robust, easy to use online spreadsheet solutions for individuals and organisations. We’re proud to be working with this ambitious company as their journey gathers pace. Lucdigi provides all digital marketing activities on behalf of Retable,  spreading the word about how powerful and efficient cloud-based spreadsheet solutions are the future of work. Online spreadsheets offer far greater versatility and better security than traditional spreadsheets such as Excel.

We strive to keep Retable at the forefront of customers’ minds by providing relevant, informative content about the features and benefits of Retable. With this new investment providing vital R&D funds, we look forward to seeing what new features are added as Retable further enhances its offering worth innovative new initiatives.

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