Making Integrated Marketing the Superpower of a Fast-Growing IT Company

Project: Lena Software

Lena is a fast-growing global solution provider that enables organisations to put technology at the heart of their transformation by building disruptive software products. Specialising in Computerized Maintenance Management (CMMS), Mobile Field Service Management Application and Mobile Application Development, Lena has been building disruptive software solutions for over a decade and has partnered with clients including Shell, Intellica, Opet, Evam, and Hadi.


Lena had traditionally focused on the technical aspects of its solutions and came to Lucdigi in search of a fresh approach. The challenge for Lucdigi was to create a rebranding solution to take the business to the next level. It was clear from the start that Lena wanted their ambition, know-how and expertise reflected in the way they present themselves in the competitive global tech market.

“Finding an agency that understands the technical capabilities of our products and writes attractive content was not easy for us. Lucdigi’s IT know-how is the most impressive thing about this company.” Says Serhan Kose, Co-founder and CEO of Lena.

It was essential for Lena to show the digital transformation they offer, across all their marketing communications. Their goal was to combine the power of content marketing with their digital marketing operations, with the ultimate goal of turning their website into a lead generation machine.

The Lucdigi Approach

Lucdigi proposed a holistic and integrated marketing approach. Starting from a strong value proposition, Lucdigi planned to increase Lena’s presence on Google and other relevant social media channels to provide a one-stop-shop for the most critical marketing activities. Lucdigi aimed to empower Lena to engage their target audience with insightful thought leadership content to attract and convert high-quality leads.

The Solution

Lucdigi created a new value proposition for Lena which communicates the clear customer benefits of partnering with Lena. The solution was based on extensive onsite Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Lena, with Lucdigi taking over the management and scheduling of Lena’s Google and 3rd Party Ads. By leveraging the power of SEO, Lucdigi increased Lena’s brand awareness and generated an increased stream of relevant traffic.

By creating relevant up-to-date blogs, case studies, and e-books and producing company videos, Lucdigi raised Lena’s brand. This led to an increase in qualified leads and an inevitable increase in conversions. It also raised Lena’s profile in the tech market via a series of public relations activities.

Lucdigi’s tailor-made approach created a social media strategy in perfect alignment with Lena’s overall marketing goals. The strategy became a powerful tool in driving brand awareness and customer engagement. Using the power of social media, Lucdigi took the best of Lena’s capabilities and presented them in a tone and style tailored to its target audience.

The Key Results

Within just 16 months, Lucdigi has created more than 40 blogs, case studies, and e-books for Lena. Each of these were shared on LinkedIn and Twitter to provide maximum reach. Lena has achieved a 405% increase in organic impressions on Google and visits to their site are up by 575%. In addition, 2 digitally generated enterprise-level leads have converted to sales.

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