Why you should work with Lucdigi?

IT industry know-how

Every industry has its own unique way to attract customers, so the choice of how to market is dependent on the target audience. At Lucdigi, we only focus on IT, software, and technology solution providers. We easily grasp the advantages and benefits of your products and services. 

Proven record

We have a long and proven track record when it comes to working in B2B marketing and the technology space. With such experience, we have a clear picture of a prospect’s challenges, motivations, and aspirations.

B2b marketing expertise

We know that the buying cycle for B2B products is longer and more complicated than for a product sold to consumers. At Lucdigi, we only focus on B2B operations, know the psychology of our target audience and focus on the buying cycle to be successful. 

Automated proceses

B2B marketing automation is a scalable way of streamlining your marketing efforts by outsourcing repetitive tasks. From content production to email marketing and social media, our automated process reduces time you need to spend to provide inputs to us and as a result, improves a your team’s efficiency.

Utilising full MarTech capabilities for your IT business

Only 9% of marketers have all the marketing technology they need and fully utilize it. By working with Lucdigi, you will get a chance to utilize an extensive set of marketing technology solutions.

Real-time marketing KPI dashboard

With our real-time performance tracking dashboard, you will be able to easily track your organic search result trends, website traffic, social media growth trends, newsletter statistics and more!

Ready to level-up your digital footprint?

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